Monday, November 06, 2006


WHAT IS HEATHENISM ALL ABOUT?Heathenism occurs following a long period of time after people have heard but have rejected the truth of God's Word. Negative volition toward Biblical truth creates a vacuum in man's soul, and teachings thatproduce evil or worldly thoughts and teachings that produce liberalism. Both the mechanics and results of a liberal or heathenistic society are clearly taught by the apostle Paul in Romans 1:18-32.When enough evil is sucked into the soul, the result is blackout of the soul and scar tissue of the soul, making it difficult for a person to desire or receive God's truth.Both theological and political liberalism exploit the ignorance of men without Biblical truth by appealing to their emotion, their revolt against established authority and their lust for power and self gratification. Liberals seek to satisfy people in the age in which they live by encouraging personal satisfaction of their ego.Liberals attempt to use legislation to judge and to change people, but they have neither a Godly system of doctrine by which to do so, nor do they have the mentality or morality to make it work. Therefore, their ideas can only result in a manifestation of heathenism which has a veneer of human good.Heathenism always tries to find a substitute for TRUTH, so both theological and political liberals attempt to create a pattern of human good through the use of the Social Gospel in the theological realm, and Socialism, Communism or some other kind of welfare state in the political realm in their attempt to make people depend upon the government for their needs rather than upon God.
Lois Delnay 11/04 /06

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